Holy cow I can’t believe it’s 2017! I’m my mind I still think 2010 wasn’t even that long ago but it now reminds me that I graduated high school 7 years ago, what the heck.

So here I am starting a new blog. And you’re thinking “here she goes”, but I want this specific blog to mostly showcase me for just me. You know? Just as another human being and I hope you guys follow this journey with me, I am in my twenties and I hope my demographic relates as we all grow together.

I love my The Busy Beebe blog because it follows mostly Lili and the way that she is developing and becoming her own person and I’d still want to continue to update it so I’m not blowing it off! Haha

I am 24 years old, I had Lili Sofia just a month after I turned 22. Matt is my fiance, we have been engaged for a little over one and a half years and we will be together for 5 this coming April. I am the oldest of 3, I have 2 sisters, my mom and dad had me and my sister Lili (yes, we named our daughter after my sister), and my mom had Jessica after she divorced my dad so she’s technically my halfsie but I just call her sis. I wish my mom would have had another child so we could be an even number 😂 I can’t stand odd numbers! haha jk mom. I am an Aries, so yes I’m feisty due to my fire sign. Matt is a Libra so he’s literally the complete opposite and that very much describes our relationship. We love being so different.

I grew up in Texas but was originally born in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. Yes, as in Mexico. So yes, I’m one of those kids that was brought here at a young age and with the help of our former President Barak Obama I am able to be here due to DACA. I’m going to do a different blog post on this whole situation in the future! I was in Texas for 16 years and I recently moved to St. Louis, MO. It is Matt’s hometown, we moved so we could raise Lili Sofia here and a great school district. The sacrifices as make as parents.

I really like St. Louis in it’s own way. I love having four seasons especially!🍂  I do love Dallas, it will always have my heart ❤️ but I think moving is a part of life and every place we will live in is part of our adventure. It makes me appreciate Dallas that much more.

{photo by Maribel Morales Photography}

I guess this blog post turned into a full-on introduction and I think it was a good way to start. Let’s see where else this takes me.

xx, Nory🖤




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