Galentine Home

I appreciate the Christmas holiday as much as Valentine’s Day or any other holiday really. It’s a total excuse to be able to redecorate the house a bit and change its mood. I love the transition between each one whether it’s Fall or Fourth of July. I’m totally that type that puts up her Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving and takes her tree down right after New Year’s Day but not before Three Kings Day. After MLK I start to transition our home into Valentine’s Day! Call me crazy but I’m so into it.

Some easy ways to turn your home Valentine’s Day ready are simple things like changing up the pillows on your bed, I find the cutest trinkets for every holiday at Target! This year I went with a big fluffy pink heart-shaped pillow (pictured below) and it added such a nice touch!

I also very much indulge in changing up my coffee mugs because well, coffee is life. And don’t get me started on the cookie cutters! The best and easiest place to find heart-shaped cookie cutters is Michael’s! Lili loves to help me bake the cookies so it’s a great way to make baking fun with her. My coffee mug is from Francesca’s by the way!

As a mom I also love to be able to get Lili in the Valentine’s Day mood, one day she’ll be handing out her cute themed cards and candy to her classmates but until then we’ll settle for cute pj’s with hearts all over them or fun socks or even a cute floral headband.

There are many ways to get into the holiday and if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing that’s okay! Try a simple thing like Spring season and that pretty much just requires flowers, lots of cute floral patterns! So get out there and change up your doormat or your wreath, it’s fun for you and guys aren’t much into it so it’s up to you to keep the household spirits up! And it’s an amazing motivation to keep the house tidy and looking great!

xoxo, Nory ❤


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