A Trip to Trader Joe’s 

I’m honestly not usually the one that does the grocery shopping 🛒 since Matt makes most of the delicious meals in this household. ( I do all the laundry in exchange!) But there are days when Lili and I need to go!

Back when Lili Sofía couldn’t walk yet it was easy to just prop her in the shopping cart and get the groceries done quick. Now that she’s practically everywhere and in everything we figured it’s best to let her help to keep her occupied instead of running around. Thanks to TJ’s for having toddler shopping carts!!!

(here she is going over our list📝)

I like to let her put some items in her cart because it’s really entertaining for her and it means a lot to her that she can help. She genuinely likes it so you know she got it from her dad. Haha!

Along with letting her have her own cart I also let her get things she loves, like applesauce and cereal. Another thing we like is the samples, so yum! So we always make sure to stop and indulge in the organic juices and organic treats they have.

 (Today’s special was Mango Passionfruit juice and Lasagna! ❤)

The compliments I receive for how well behaved she is, is really a bonus. My reward is always having a successful, tantrum-free trip to the grocery store. Her reward is making friends with the cashier (Blu) and receiving free stickers and lollipops 🍭, which are well deserved and mommy-approved.

Not everything about our lives is all rainbows and butterflies but I am thankful for times like these when things go smoothly.❤

Support your local TJ’s! They’re so reasonably priced and their flowers are so beautiful and affordable!

xoxo, Nory.


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