Jewels And Dates

My Lili and Me dates are the best dates, sorry babe. It is always an adventure when we dress comfortable and go out on the town when the weather allows. It’s tricky in February but we take full advantage!

First off I want to start out by sharing one of my toddler secrets to all the mommies out there who want their little toddler to be fashionable but without trying too hard or making them feel uncomfortable. Matt honestly really doesn’t like accessories on our toddler but every now and then I do it just for fun and only if she really wants to. We’ll touch base on parental disagreements later.

So- a while back I grabbed these really  cheap and cute ear cuffs from ICING because I didn’t wanna wear my cartilage earring for a bit but as it turns out I actually found that they make an excellent accessory on my toddler’s chubby fingers, as rings! They are tiny enough that they totally pass as a cute trend for her and she loves it! There’s no hazard because she doesn’t stick her hands in her mouth and she genuinely knows they are rings. She doesn’t fiddle with them and has worn a bracelet on her right arm since she was 6 months so she’s pretty familiar with jewelry!

As for me, I am a complete sucker for anything that is personalized so I have 3 cuffs with Lili’s initials on them. LSB- Lili Sofia Beebe. I also wear a tiny bracelet labeled “Lily” and although it isn’t spelled the same way I know what it means to me. ( I secretly wish I would have named her Lili with a Y.)

Now that we are all dressed and fully accessorized we hit the town and spent a good and a half hour in this adorable area literally about 5 minutes from our place and enjoyed some delicious burgers and french fries! We hit a few vintage stores and walked around a lot since it was too nice not to. I intentionally make sure Lili gets worn out so she’ll have a nice nap when we get home and mama can clean!

Praying for more nice weather!

Also, if jewelry on toddlers isn’t your thing, that’s cool, throw on a cute denim jacket on them and they’ll be just as cute!! ( There’s obvi some things I don’t really approve of on my child like nail polish, makeup, or dresses without bloomers underneath so I feel ya!!)


xoxo, keep it trendy y’all!




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