Mrs. Beebe

I have been trying to find a way to transition from my last blog post and what better way than with a name change! I do want to thank every single human being that took the time to read my previous post and for sharing it! I didn’t want it to bring any negativity, I only wanted to share my story and put you in my shoes for a bit. I was totally prepared to take it down if it would have caused some political stress on everyone but I did want to bring some awareness to those that care! THANK YOU for the support and unconditional love you all have shown.

Today’s post is another super special one for me, I GOT MARRIED!!!!!

Matt and I have officially vowed to stand by each other for the rest of our lives and became Mr. and Mrs. Beebe on February 17th, 2017!

Photo by @sassy_linn on Instagram 

Here’s the break down on how we made it happen-

First, we both did couple therapy sessions with our amazing therapist, we each individually do therapy as a way to let go of/deal with things in our childhood that really caused a negative impact on us. We also used therapy as a way to communicate better with each other, Matt and I have faced some very real moments of struggle like having a child to moving to St. Louis! I can definitely say that by doing “marriage counseling” beforehand encouraged us to set a path for what is to come with marriage. We did it together for a good 6 months or so before deciding to get married. We needed assurance.

(May 3rd, 2015-We got engaged during our daughter’s 1st bday party!)

Then came the fun part! We picked a date back in January and initially we were thinking we really wanted to go the “Courthouse Wedding” route. We began to do our research and came to find that our local courthouse only performs the ceremonies on Wednesday’s which is a totally odd day to get married. February 15th was our original day and all of January we kept going over how we would do it, if we would tell our family, or if we wanted to throw just one big party.

Our goal was to have it be as stress-free as possible. A day later Matt got a message from his dad that he wanted to see all his kids in Chicago on the weekend of the 17th so obviously this started to lay out our plan! Everything else started falling into place, we set a new date, 2/17/17, from then on every other day was a new task! From going to get our marriage license to picking out wedding bands and each thing was exciting for us!

We did tell both our mom’s about the big day about 2 weeks beforehand. It was important to us both to tell the person who birthed us and had been there as support all our lives! We also asked his mom to be our witness because we trust her so much, she has been endlessly supportive of us through everything and as much as I would have wanted my mom there as well, she understood our decision. I trusted a friend of mine and asked her to be our videographer so she filmed the whole thing and snapped our photos here in St. Louis! Our minister turned out to be one of Matt’s work clients and our Chicago photographer was my longtime friend Jordan who now lives in Chicago! When I tell ya that everything fell into place…I ain’t lyin’! Haha!

Photo by @sassy_linn on instagram 

On the day of the 17th I was pretty much running errands all day, picking up balloons, cake, flowers, getting our rings cleaned, and even jotting down wedding vows! Everything was so special and meaningful and most importantly fun and stress-free!

I then made my way to our stage. Literally. We got married at the huge sound stage in the same building where Matt works! Thanks to his awesome boss! It was absolutely beautiful and minimal but magical all at the same time!

The ceremony itself was about 15 minutes total and during that whole time we were just sweating SO MUCH!😂 As soon as we both joined hands we couldn’t help but laugh at how clammy both our hands were. After our vows we felt a huge sense of relief! The ceremony was everything and more, we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful place to be married and our minister was absolutely the sweetest! I loved that our daughter was able to be there to witness it, she probably won’t remember but when she looks back at photos she’ll feel so special for being there during the union of her parents!

We had cake, champagne, and shots shortly after the ceremony! 😂 All of our photos turned out so amazing thanks to my friend Shelby!!

Photos by @sassy_linn on instagram

That next day we headed to Chicago for our getaway vacay! We spent 2 days with his sisters and dad, as soon as we could get them all together we shared the news with them, we couldn’t keep it from them any longer! They were so loving, warm, and excited for us!

We also got to spend a couple of days touring the city and eating and drinking at different places. We took a trip down to the Navy Pier and hopped aboard the Architectural Tour of Chicago, my friend Jordan joined us and that is where she photographed our experience! It was absolutely perfection, I couldn’t have asked a better person to take our photos, Jordan has been a long time friend and has been by our side through it all! Love you, J.

Photo by

I guess at this point you’re wondering, why didn’t you just tell people??! Well as much as we thought about it we really liked the idea of surprising everyone after the fact. We also saved ourselves of all the second opinions everyone would have. Our wedding wasn’t in hiding it was just in secret so that we could enjoy it fully for US. We didn’t feel pressured, or obligated at any time. And now we’re excited to be able to throw 3 different garden receptions at our favorite places in the world, St. Louis our new home, Dallas our place where we met and had our daughter, and Walla Walla our place to travel and still be with our loved ones. We can’t wait to see everyone! We appreciate all of the love we have received!

I am so content with our life together, I am loving all of the friends we have and have met in these past few years, and most of all I am honored to be married to such a man as wonderful as Matt Beebe. If you know us at all you know we are as goofy as can be, we’re spontaneous, and we love every single one of you.



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  1. Nory, you are amazing! We thank you and Matt for all the ways you keep us close with your photos and videos and news of your sweet little family. We love you three to the moon and back, and will be so very happy to have you here in Walla Walla this year! Your wedding story and photos are precious. Love, love from Nano and Papo!

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